I Just Called to Say I Love You: Board Members as Stewards

Still pumped from our inspiring workshop with Nanette Fridman we wanted to pass along to you an article she shared with us!  I Just Called to Say I Love You: Board Members as Stewards.  Here's a short excerpt: We all want our board members to be focused on development – to do those sol…

The Impact of Major Gifts and the Importance of Broad Participation

Imagine your organization is looking to raise $10 million in capital and endowment needs. Just as you begin your campaign, two donors step forward, each making a $5 million dollar commitment. Now, having met your identified needs, your campaign is complete, right? Wrong. Find out why - Read More

Master These 6 Coaching Skills to Lead Your Team

Here is a compelling lesson that I have learned from all the great clients and companies I have worked with over the years: Most people in leadership roles do not coach or develop their employees -- ever.  I still struggle with why this is the case, and why more leaders don’t do it. Here …

What's Jewish About Jewish Leadership?

What does it mean to create meaningful leadership programming, or, as was asked of me not too long ago by a group of extremely thoughtful young Jewish leaders, “What’s Jewish about Jewish leadership?” Read Article

Are We Too Mission-Driven?

I’m going to say something kind of blasphemous, so hold on to your suspenders. I think we all need to be less mission-driven. “What? No! Oooh, he didn’t just say that!” Read More