3 Characteristics of Mindful Meetings

I hesitate to think how many meetings I’ve attended throughout the years. Likely you can relate. Let me think instead about those meetings that worked and why they worked.  Here are 3 characteristics that distinguish the useful meetings from the rest. Read More

What Are Our Obligations to Our Jewish Communal Institutions?

Should there be an overarching sense of purpose, not just for the organization’s well-being, but for the benefit of the Jewish community as a whole?  What are the principles, priorities, and goals that should inform those of us charged with overseeing our not-for-profit institutions? Read More

Making a Case for Mentorship

Mentoring is a powerful tool promoting individual growth and changes in organizational cultures. Investing in mentor training programs ensures current leaders receive quality professional development while new board members, staff, and volunteers are given an opportunity to grow. Read More

The Next Generation of Jews Want to Have Impact

Young adults care about their Jewish identity and want to be part of synagogue life, but not necessarily in the same way that their parents or grandparents were involved in synagogue life. One synagogue may have the answer...learn more about their Impact Giving model. Read More

Innovation & Leadership

Leaders must foster a commitment from their team ( executive director, board and staff) to embrace an innovation mindset for their own success and that of the organization.Open-mindedness of leaders and members is key to successful innovation implementation. Read More