Musings on Israel

The Community Leadership Initiative (CLI) Cohort recently returned from a Leadership Mission to Israel.  Members decided to share their personal narratives on how the trip transformed their leadership development and in some cases their spiritual connection to Israel. Read More

Nonprofit Measures of Impact - What Really Counts

What is the definition of the impact we are seeking? Will the long-term impact on the lives of our participants, be improved, and therefore strengthen our values and community? Will participants live healthier, safer lives & contribute to the welfare of our entire society? Read More


Making the Millennial Connection

We all work to create & sustain a strong Jewish community.  But does your engagement provide an authentic relationships that young professionals crave? Millennials seek a connection deeper than just through social media or an office networking reception. Read More

Peer Groups & the Secret Struggle of Leadership

Leaders need support in order to do their best work. Peer groups provide support in the confidential spaces that leaders need where they can process ideas, think creatively, seek solutions, deepen their knowledge base, and build relationships with colleagues. Read More

12 Ways to Attract New Donors

Now it’s time to plan your approach to achieve optimum engagement. Getting new donors is tough. Taking a more strategic approach to donor development has never been more important. Here are some techniques being used by some of the most successful organizations. Read More