Staffs Manage. Boards Govern.

Does your Board have a Governance Committee? Does it function effectively? What does it do anyway? Does it exist instead of or in addition to a Nominating Committee? Read More

Strategic Planning Can Help Congregations and Its Leaders to Thrive

As part of USCJ’s Kehilla Strengthening and Transformation Department, we have noticed several common characteristics among synagogues that are thriving in the current environment. Read More

What Successful Nonprofit Board Presidents Wish They Knew

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Board Members Behaving Badly

Board members who sit on boards and don’t perform is a challenge known to almost every board, especially when it comes to their roles as fiduciaries, ambassadors and fundraisers. Below are thirteen different archetypes of “challenging trustees” and strategies for managing them. Read More

Who’s the Boss? Reporting Structures in Synagogues

Some of you may recall the 1980’s sitcom, Who’s the Boss – the premise was a lack of clarity in who was truly running the household. Having just completed a survey of nearly 600 USCJ affiliated kehillot, we are left wondering the same about today’s congregations. Read More