Partnership, Prosperity and Peril

Two nonprofit organizations set out to achieve the same goal: raise 15 million dollars for a new and exciting capital campaign to fund. So why does one success and the other miss the mark? Read More


Leadership: The Jewish Take

Jewish sources recognize there is a direct relationship between high office and the likelihood of abusing the power accompanying that post. As a result, power was circumscribed. Read More


Mission Creep: Understand it, Know it, Resist it

What is Mission Creep? Among nonprofits, and in the for profit sector, mission creep is an often irresistible force that expands or changes an organization’s primary focus to something that is different than the original mission. Read More

Working with Specific Group Members

Challenging personalities in your group? Some like to talk, veering off topic; Some argue; Others are too quiet.  Check out our quick reference guide with tips on how to deal with a variety of personalities in a group setting.  Read More

Seven Principles of Jewish Leadership

The phrase “Jewish leadership” is ambiguous. It means leadership by Jews, but it also means leadership
in a Jewish way, according to Judaic principles and values. The first is common, the second rare. Read More