Growing Your Audience with Facebook Live

As of the first quarter of 2019, Facebook had 2.38 billion active users; so it's likely many of your donors, volunteers or members are there.  Facebook Live allows you to meet then where they are by steaming live content sharing moments and events that are important to them. Read More

Innovating JCCs

Moving JCCs and other legacy organizations into the 21st century will entail a shift in focus from quantity to quality as well as strong leadership – high in creativity, savvy in business, and unafraid of taking action.  Read More


May The Fourth Be With You, To Invest In Your Staff

Jewish leaders have much to learn from Jedi masters whose key career objective is to help the next generation fulfill their own Jedi potential. As leaders we also need to properly invest in Jewish Professionals and honor them as the top priority in our work. Read More Watch Video

Should You Text Donors Reminders to Give?

Many nonprofits have found great success with texting their donors.  Afterall, what nonprofit doesn’t want a direct conversation with their donors? Text messaging can open the door to one-on-one conversations with your donors — in real time no less. Read More

The Kindness Conection

Being kind goes well beyond a new demand of leadership. It is one of the great opportunities afforded to all leaders regardless of job title or number of direct reports. Not surprisingly, it is an opportunity afforded to everyone not just at work but outside of work too. Read More