Where Do We Go From Here?

We are people who fully embrace its past but our track record in planning for, or at least thinking about, the future is at best uneven. Planning for the future is both structural and strategic.  Looking forward consider these 9 Steps to managing the Jewish Future. Read More

The Science of Better Meetings

You can’t abolish meetings, but you can make them shorter, smaller and smarter.  Meetings themselves are not the problem; they are essential to teams and organizations, supporting inclusion, communication & coordination. 
Here are some ways to improve your meetings. Read More

11 Sweet Leadership Lessons You Can Learn From Your Favorite Candy

Candy is sweeter than just the taste, it teaches leadership lessons. Yes, having a leadership position may be exciting. But it’s much sweeter when your behaviors show that you are a true leader. Read More

The 360 Feedback Performance Appraisal: A Viable Board Assessment Option

If you are looking for an extensive, comprehensive and “holistic” Board performance assessment you may want to consider the 360 Performance Feedback Review; which provides a broader and richer perspective regarding its strengths, weakness and those areas which require improvement.  Read More

Want Action? Tell Positive Visual Stories

Some methods of storytelling are more fruitful than others. And nonprofits rely heavily on being able to tell their story really well. Since 91% of audiences prefer visual or interactive messaging it's time to start telling positive visual stories to boost call to action responses. Read More