Being Thankful Is Not Enough

Originally published at Thanksgiving, this article outlines steps we can take year-round to cultivate a culture of gratitude at our organizations. Because we need to be better at recognizing and appreciating the people who make this work successful. Read More

Are You Ready to Take Alumni Relations Seriously?

It's not just for Alumni Relations, consider these methods for donors and members too.  If you put in the work to cultivate a strong, ongoing relationship you will end up with a diverse, continually growing, and personally motivated source of support. Sounds pretty good, no? Read More

Advice Process: Revisiting Organizational Decision-Making Structures

Moving toward an Advice Process decision-making structure is not a single leap. And this process cannot replace good governance. But, Rabbi James Greene believes it is a framework builds trust that is hard-earned through the work of relational team-building. Read More

Top 3 Marketing Trends Nonprofits Should Try in 2019

The law of trends is that they are always changing.  The question isn’t if the trends will catch on, it’s will you be left behind.  And if you are left behind, what image will that portray for your nonprofit? Here are 3 trends we think are worth trying in 2019. Read More

Using Video Storytelling to Create Impact

Nonprofits use storytelling to build interest in their work and connect to their audience on an emotional level. And one effective way to do so is through the use of video storytelling, which is a powerful medium to generate interest in your nonprofit and it helps achieve real results. Read More