Leadership & Recruitment

Although this article is primarily targeting campaign committees, the recruitment steps remain the same no matter what type of board or committee seats you are looking to fill with leaders. Recruiting leaders requires Research, Education and Engagement. Read More

How to Ensure Your Leadership Training Sticks

Leadership training isn’t about what you learned, it’s about what you do with what you learned.
If you’re just back from training, here are a few tips to ensure your leadership training makes you and your team stronger. READ TIPS


What About The Lay Leader Pipeline?

Ask any Board Chair if they know who will succeed them. Ask any nominating committee chair about the responses they get as they reach out to ask people to consider board membership. Chances are you will find out that recruiting board members and leaders is harder than ever.  Read More

Change Is In The Air; Let's Make It Last

Yom Kippur begs us to ask big questions; will we be better, will we not settle and aim higher? This process of self-assessment and thinking about the future is no less true for institutions and organizations. The biggest question may be how do we make change last? Read More

What To Do With Board Members Who Don't Do Anything

Whose responsibility is it to "do something" about a board member who is AWOL, deadwood, undependable, a procrastinator, or worse? Yours. The board president or officer, has a special role, but every board member has a stake and therefore responsibility in all members being active. Read More