What Should Be the Role of the Executive Committee?

An executive committee can play a crucial role in strategic leadership. Regrettably, more often than fulfilling their true purpose – they serve only to preprocess board decisions.  Here is a guide to what an executive committee should do – always, never, and sometimes. Read More

5 Leadership Benefits to Using a Checklist

We all have tasks we need to complete.Without a plan, we may forget steps or not know where to start. And back tracking to remedy mistakes and oversights are usually more complex than getting it right the first time. A simple tool that helps to prevent these mistakes is the checklist. Read More

Thanking Board Members

Board members work hard, for 5-10 hours a month, for 2-3 year stints, for free. It's a no-brainer that they deserve thanks. The “how” to thank them is sometimes a bit trickier. Just like donors, the question is always “how do they like to be acknowledged and appreciated?” Read More…

Catalytic Questions and Better Boardroom Conversations

In order to engage on a different level you may need to ask different – better – questions.  Instead of focusing on whether or not the budget is balanced – the board should think deeper, asking about whether the budget reflects organizational priorities and advances the mission. Read More

Hope Is A Strategy (Well, Sort of)

We’ve all heard the phrase “Hope is not a strategy” — and it isn’t, especially when based on illusion, delusion, fiction or false assumptions. But hope is a critical part of achieving a strategy when based on what is possible; perhaps not highly probable, but possible. Read More