26 2019

CLI Workshop "Community: Klal Yisrael"

5:30PM - 8:30PM  

Temple Sinai 41 West Hartford Road
Newington, CT 06111


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CLI is an intensive, 12-month program for rising Jewish leaders. Participants are nominated by their synagogue or agency.


“Israel will be redeemed only when it forms a single band: when all are united, they will receive the presence of the Shechina.  Therefore Hillel said: ‘Separate not thyself from the community.’” [Tauhauma B. and Nizzahim 25A]

Focus on local, national and international connections to Israel (the place and the people) from historical and text perspectives.  Emphasis on the meaning of Klal Yisrael particularly in light of the changing face of American Jewry and the changing relationship to Israel.

Sponsor: Jewish Leadership Academy