Engaging Our Elders: The Power and Potential of Senior Volunteerism

56 million Americans are over the age of 65 and within 40 years, that number is projected to rise to 94.7 million. How can nonprofit organizations proactively design volunteer programs to be attractive to, and specifically supportive of, this fast-growing segment of our society? Read More

Resilience isn’t enough. We need renaissilience.

Resilience comes from the Latin word “resiliere” which means “to jump back” or to rebound. But why simply go back to the “status quo ante”? Instead lets strive for resilience of transformation; a “renaissilience and create something new out of the crucible of this crisis. Read More

3 Rules to Prevent Conflict Mismanagement

The most difficult requirement of leadership is effectively managing conflict. Whether you’ve had training or not, when you mismanage conflict, you put your company in jeopardy. Here are three rules to help you manage conflict successfully. Read More

How to Overhaul Leadership

Now is the time to rethink what constitutes good leadership -- and overhauling obsolete competencies in leadership performance plans is the right place to start. Read More

Delivering compassion compassionately

"Research has identified three hallmarks of burnout: emotional exhaustion, lack of personal accomplishment, and de-personalization.”  Improving care by reducing burnout is relevant not simply for health care professionals, but also for the workplace at large. Read More