We Are (‘nt) Family: What Netflix Can Teach Us about Organizational Culture

Sure the family-style organizational culture is warm and welcoming at first, but to win like the pros you need play like the pros and be a team. Much can be gleaned from international tech giant, Netflix and their "Culture Deck" even for a small not-for-profit. Read More

9 Strategies for Accessing Your Full Leadership Capacity

The truth is, that without a strong desire to improve as leaders, none of us can expect to recognize our full leadership capacity. Once you possess the desire these 9 Strategies for Accessing Your Full Leadership Capacity will serve you well on your leadership journey. Read More 

Uncovering the Mystery: The Art and Science of Shared Leadership

Board governance is a shared responsibility between the chief executive and the board of directors as a collective. The board relies on the expertise of the CEO to help it meet its responsibilities.  The key to effectively fulfilling their role is to ask these three key questions Read More

10 Must Read Books for Nonprofit Leaders

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5 Essential Facts for Weathering a Change in Leadership

You’re the board chair of a nonprofit organization, and your executive director just told you she or he plans to retire in 3 months. Are you prepared for a major transition?  Knowing these 5 essential facts will guide you through a successful change in nonprofit leadership. Read More