6 Questions to Ask Yourself When You’re Frustrated with Your Team

Our call to action is for leaders to take a pause and reflect before the pressure of high demands leads to lashing out. When frustration and judgment hovers, cultivate curiosity and ask yourself the following six questions. They will serve as your north star checklist to make sure you’re c…

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To Curb Burnout, Design Jobs to Better Match Employees’ Needs

Burnt out employees show that there are urgent problems to be addressed at the heart of any organization. But burnout is a management and organizational issue, not a physical or mental health issue, so promoting self-care won’t usually help employees recover. The chronic job stressors that…

Work and rest: Thoughts on Parshat Vayakel/Pekudei

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21st-century trends: Reimagining the American Jewish experience

Trends are simply indicators of certain institutional and personal behaviors; they do not predict or define outcomes. The excitement here rests with the possibilities and opportunities to reimagine institutions, rethink the idea of community and to construct new avenues of personal connectio…