Using Video Storytelling to Create Impact

Nonprofits use storytelling to build interest in their work and connect to their audience on an emotional level. And one effective way to do so is through the use of video storytelling, which is a powerful medium to generate interest in your nonprofit and it helps achieve real results. Read More

How to Assess the CEO

One of the board’s most important responsibilities is to assess the chief executive. There are many ways to conduct a CEO assessment, but our trusted friends at BoardSource encourages using BoardSource’s chief executive assessment tool to follow ten key steps, including: Read More

How to Connect With 20-Somethings, by a 20-Something

We’ve been receiving a lot of inquiries about how to engage with young people, specifically those in their 20s. It’s a reasonable request—before we know it, these folks will be the executive directors, board presidents, donors and volunteers of the nonprofit world. Read More

Executive Committees - Finding the Right Fit

Executive Committiees are not one-size-fits-all. Roles or even the existence of a nonprofit Executive Committee must be based on the goals, size, needs and type of nonprofit.  We compiled a group of articles that we think tackle the challenge of finding the right fit well. Read More 

Guiding Teams Through Ambiguity

Ambiguity is that space between knowing something has to change and the final landing point. There's no question, ambiguity impacts teams; for some the potential is invigorating and for others the uncertainty causes anxiety. As leaders we must guide our teams regardless. Read More