What Does Impact Look Like?

Every organization goes through the journey of trying to understand the impact they are creating. The issue of ‘why’ is a pressing one. We often have the what, how, where, who, but it is the why that is allusive and imperative. There are five areas of impact worth identifying. Read More

Online Marketing: 8 Things Nonprofits Should Consider

It’s hard to know if you’re doing everything you can to maximize your online marketing efforts. Let’s start with these 8 ideas to cover the basics. Read More

Sandra Day O'Connor's Lessons in Leadership

In her nearly 25 years as a Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O’Connor held the balance of power. In an age when people often try to get the upper hand by boasting or belittling, O’Connor showed there is a better way.  Here are the rules she lived by. Read More

Do-Able Fundraisign for Real-World Boards

It can be hard to change how current board members view their role in fundraising. Starting off on the right foot with new board members is imperative.  Be upfront about expectations and the fundraising process: identification, cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship. Read More


The Gift of Listening

When engaging in conversations, we usually believe that we are listening, but in reality, we are often barely hearing. Too many times while people speaking, we are consumed with formulating our response, rather than simply trying to understand the intent or the import of the speaker. Read More