A Community Approach to our Jewish Future

Leadership requires reflection, innovation, agility, and a powerful set of skills to lead through change. How can we provide resources, cultivate knowledge, hone skills for innovation, and spark imagination to make our communities engaging, exciting, sustainable now and for the future? Read More

Breaking Free from a “9 to 5” Culture

Organizations have to profoundly rethink what it means to be part of a modern work structure. This idea of 9-to-5 or face-time culture is actually not helpful for a digitally advanced economy. Asynchronous work, is a completely new mindset in line with a digital economy. Read More

Want a high-performance group? Focus on the working environment

Building a healthy working environment isn't described in most managers' job descriptions. Yet the ability to form an effective working environment is the most important work a manager can engage in to improve performance. Read More

Facilitating (and Leading) “From the Chair”

How can we keep things rolling when we aren’t formally in charge and when formal leadership is perhaps not so skillful? Answer: There’s usually some opportunity to lead, ask good questions, and to facilitate from the chair! Read More

Board Culture & Meetings

Whether you know it or not, your board has an internal culture, and how your board runs its meetings is a reflection of it. The atmosphere may be creating either an incentive or a hindrance to fully engaging your present and future board members. Read More