The Power of the Zoom Rectangle

Over the last 100+ days, we have been given a gift; the ability to attend any program or service we desire, in a virtual format that “equalizes” all attendees. How many of us have ever attended a synagogue program with greater ease? There is great power in the Zoom rectangle. Read More

Learning the Lupine Lesson

The lupine is a beautiful flower that blooms in Israel that produces a bean that is edible but also poisonous. The Sages in the Talmud had a solution to turn the bitter poisonous berry into a sweet delicacy.  We can use their wisdom to sweeten our current situation. Read More

How to Throw a Successful Virtual Fundraiser: Lessons Learned

So many of us are grappling with the decision about our annual fundraiser. How can we translate our in-person event to a successful virtual event? One organization ran a virtual fundraiser that was so successful they say they may never host an in-person gala again!  Read More

How to Answer Tough Questions: Pandemic Edition

If you lead a nonprofit, institution, you’ve inevitably been faced with tough and critical questions from the public, the board and the staff. The challenge is to provide authentic answers when so much is still unknown about the virus or our “new normal.” Read More

What the “New Normal” Might Look Like in the Jewish Community

Effective leaders when facing a world filled with many uncertainties, will often be those who recognize when what worked before no longer does. Organizations that are most successful in the future will be those best able to adapt and take advantage of opportunities. Read More