How Self-Aware Leaders Deal with Criticism and Negative Comments

One of the prices of leadership is receiving criticism. Leadership means going first, standing out, and taking risks. Others notice you, and not everyone will agree with how you lead. Read More

What Every Team Wants to Hear From Their Leader

If there’s one thing every team wants to hear from a leader in every communication, it’s gratitude.
In addition to boosting your team’s morale and motivation, public recognition reinforces that you’re paying attention to—and in full support of—their endeavors. Read More


The 6 Attributes of a Highly Effective Board Chair

Ted Lasso says goldfish are the happiest animals because they only have a 10-second memory. Ted is our favorite goldfish. He carries an optimism combined with a keen understanding & curiosity about the people around him.  That's why Ted would make a highly effective board chair.  Read More

3 Ways to Set Priorities

People used to talk a lot about time management, but the reality is that you can’t manage time. Instead we must prioritize our time so we get more production out of those hours. That’s especially true for leaders because our actions impact so many other people. Read More

Leaders, Don’t Be Afraid to Talk About Your Fears and Anxieties

Now more than ever, leaders are struggling with anxieties, fears, and all sorts of difficult emotions. What’s the best way to handle these internal struggles at work? Read More