What Israel Owes American Jews

Israeli leaders fiercely condemned the Pittsburgh massacre and yet, they still refuse to recognize the Conservative movement to which all 11 victims belonged. The nation-state of the Jews must recognize Conservative and Reform Judaism. Read More

Leaders in Times of True Crisis

The horrific tragedy at Tree of Life synagogue and response from leaders of all faiths resonated with us, as the convener and resource for addressing issues of leadership in our community; what sort of individual makes the best leader in times of true crisis? Read More

It's Time for Followers to Lead

What are we, as leadership professionals, doing to ensure that ‘the rest of us’ who are not at the top of those ladders are equipped to actively and effectively engage in the decision making that our democratic philosophy and collaborative, inclusive leadership require? Read More

Leadership & Recruitment

Although this article is primarily targeting campaign committees, the recruitment steps remain the same no matter what type of board or committee seats you are looking to fill with leaders. Recruiting leaders requires Research, Education and Engagement. Read More

How to Ensure Your Leadership Training Sticks

Leadership training isn’t about what you learned, it’s about what you do with what you learned.
If you’re just back from training, here are a few tips to ensure your leadership training makes you and your team stronger. READ TIPS