7 Principals for Maintaining Jewish Dialogue

Today, across the Jewish world, there remains much internal conflict. When individual Jews or groups of Jews have disagreements, as inevitably happens, we have to find ways to overcome them respectfully, to ensure we continue to thrive as a people. Read More

How Taking Risks Evokes Leadership Success

Leaders are ultimately judged on the results that they deliver. Sometimes it can be easy for leaders just to tread water, especially when things seem to be going well. Yet in truth continued creativity and risk taking is critical to leadership success... Read More

How To Talk about Tough Issues in a Healthy Way

Many leaders choose to avoid discussing tough issues, for fear of causing irreparable damage to their congregational communities. However, we must recognize that the very avoidance of issues itself can also cause damage to communities. Read More

The Blessing of Epic Failure

Using terms like “failing forward” or “daring to fail” are a way of patting ourselves on the back for trying to be innovative, while engaging in avoidance about the reasons we are terrified to attempt innovation, in the first place. What we need instead is Psychological Safety. Read More

4 Tips for Making the Most of Networking

Let’s face it: Networking isn’t always at the top of our priority list. It can be awkward and time-consuming. However, networking is an essential part of advancing your career. These 4 tips will help you to enter these encounters with your best foot forward: Read Tips